WIN The Ultimate Essentials Gym Bag!

Get Following on Instagram to WIN a new King Kong Gym Bag FULL of all the essentials for training!!

3 x New Pairs of RooGrips

RooGrips apparel of choice

1 x True Protein WPI samples box

1 x Ture Protein Pre samples box

1 x True Protein packet of BCAA

1 x True Protein Shaker

1 x True Protein keep-a-cup

1 x Stance socks (Lge)

1 x Harbinger weight lifting belt (M)

1 x RockTape Knee sleeves pair (S)

1 x RockGuards Shin protector (S)

1 x MB2 deep tissue roller

1 x RPM Aqua Blue skipping Rope

1 x Box of Blue dinosaur Paleo Bars


Follow @Roogrips on Instagram and follow the instructions on the post that has this exact video! Closes Dec 17th 2018

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