2 Finger Protective Leather Hand Grips Mocha

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Mocha RooGrips

RooGrips act like a flexible second layer of protective skin—preventing cuts and abrasions to the hands and palms during high intensity weight training. From pull-ups and muscle-ups to deadlifts and kettlebell swings, these comfortable 2-hole Kangaroo Leather hand grips offer the unique combination of a light, slim-cut design with next-level strength and durability. Protected hands = less recovery time = more time in the gym getting stronger and fitter.

Kangaroo Leather, aka K-Leather, is widely trusted in the sporting goods industry as the premier choice for a high performance technical leather. It is both ethically sourced and sustainable, offering exceptional durability that minimizes the need for frequent grip replacements. Moreover, its long-lasting nature contributes to a more positive environmental impact. For more information please see the 'ABOUT' section on our site.

RooGrips’ design not only contours naturally to your hand (with three sizes to choose from), but also includes an adjustable hook-and-loop wrist closure for a secure fit and extra support.

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  • Sold in Pairs
  • Made from special blend of oils and quality Kangaroo Leather
  • Finger Holes: 2
  • Custom hook-and-loop wrist strap
  • Colour: Brown w/ Black wrist strap

Size Chart: Here is a tip for picking the perfect size. Measure from the crease of your wrist to under your middle finger. If it is:

  • Less than 10cm - Small
  • >10-12cm - Medium
  • More than 12cm - Large

More useful info. to note before buying:

Kangaroo leather may show signs of natural scarring and battle wounds. These do not weaken the leather in any way or affect the function of the product. Just consider your grips to be very unique. 

The life expectancy of our grips will be determined by the frequency of your training, volume of your training and specific gymnastics and/or barbell work.

The grips can stretch up to half a size more depending on how often the grips are “pulled” in training. You can take this into consideration when purchasing your size in grips. 

If the grips have a manufacturing fault we will happily replace your grips with a new pair within 12 months of purchase as we pride ourselves on durability.