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Our handgrips are the slimmest and highest quality on the market, made from a special blend of oils and genuine kangaroo leather. These handgrips offer a range of performance benefits, including durability, strength and a lightweight design. With our handgrips, you'll never have to miss a workout again, whether you're in the gym, at home or doing Crossfit. Protect your hands the Aussie way with our kangaroo leather handgrips.

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What is so special about kangaroo leather?

K-Leather is the strongest leather fibre structure readily available. Recent studies have suggested links between the kangaroo fibre matrix and that of mions (birds) and reptiles. This ultimately has been further linked to a prehistoric fibre structure – one that evolved from animals needing to survive in the harshest environments against many predators – almost a fibre structure that time forgot!

It is Machine Washable?

Kangaroo leather is so strong that it is even machine washable. 

Using a warm machine wash, without detergent and allowing them to dry completely (in the shade) you will find them looking as good as new! 

You can maintain their strength by giving them a wipe down with a warm cloth every other day. 

No Manipulation or Fibre Tearing

We use genuine kangaroo leather hide to cut and make our grips! We don't tear or manipulate the leather as most cow hides do, which, over time, weakens the leather.

Who are they best suited for?

RooGrips are perfect...

- For those who want to use grips for added support in high volume training, to ensure your hands are protected so you can workout to your maximum.

- Our Grips are recommended for CrossFit, weightlifting and gymnastics and important for helping you train using good
form and technique, helping you keep hold of the bar without ripping your hands.

- For anyone who does not like the feel of wearing grips & want lightweight comfy grips without the bulkiness.

- For those who like to have a tactile feel of the bar, especially for those gymnastic movements. 

- For anyone fed up with their other grips ripping and want STRONG, DURABLE grips that last.

Find out which style is best suited to you and your needs here: BLOG

What Our Legends Say.....

"DURABLE & COMFORTABLE. They are so thin but durable, and good feeling on the hands. Excellent wrist wrap!" 5* Review. 

Mcicak, Croatia

What Our Legends Say....

"BEST OUT THERE. Purchased the roo grips from the wod life after having tried a number of other products.The top grips are by far best on the market. They are comfortable and tough at the same time. Would recommend them to anyone."

Kylie-Ann D. TWL 5* Review Australia

What Our Legends Say....


This is my 2nd pair of Roo Grips , They are the comfiest grips I have ever used, worth the investment ."

Kalum W. TWL 5* Review Australia

What Our Legends Say....


Game changer for someone who's hands get ripped open almost daily on the bar lol first day using them and not one blister or anything on my hands 😍"

Gemma A. TWL 5* Review Australia

What Our Legends Say....

"GREAT PRODUCT. Neoprene straps provide great wrist support. The leather dries out relatively quickly after those spicy WODS and remains soft and pliable after it dries out no more hard crusty leather great product would recommend."

Andrew S. Amazon U.S 5* Review

Next generation of handgrips


How it all started...

In 2016 we embarked on a journey to create the best hand grips in the world. Roogrips are made for those who have a deep appreciation of quality, design and details.

We chose kangaroo leather for its unique properties of strength and durability. Kangaroo leather is ten times stronger than bovine, so this allows us to use slimmer leather than traditional grips that provides athletes with a much more tactile experience.

Every single aspect of our grips has been carefully considered and has been through many iterations. We reviewed hundreds of leather samples with various treatments and embossments before landing on the leather that you find on RooGrips today, which is treated with a special combination of oils to give it a luxurious and comfortable feel.

We have also been through many iterations of the strap, the buckle and the stitching, with a primary focus on providing athletes with the most comfortable, functional and durable grips. The design of the grips has also evolved too, from two fingers to three fingers and most recently fingerless, to meet the varying needs of athletes all over the world.

Just like the sport of functional fitness, our journey has just begun…


See our Grips in Action

How to Wear your Grips

RooGrips Review by Coach Theo - 3 Finger vs Fingerless

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Don't just make your hands comfortable.