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Next generation of handgrips



We have designed our grips to be the slimmest, highest quality leather grips on the market. Made from a special combination of oils, blended into genuine kangaroo leather, they boast a range of performance properties such as durability, strength and light weight. 

High Quality

"Love these grips, very soft yet sturdy and great to use. Highly recommend the quality!" 5* Review

Alexis, Australia

Durable & Comfortable

"They are so thin but durable, and good feeling on the hands. Excellent wrist wrap!" 5* Review. 

Mcicak, Croatia

As Advertised

"Look and perform as advertised. Perfect way to save the hands. Look like they will withstand the test of time." 5* Review.

Uli, Houston TX

Over 3 years ago, we got sick of seeing the same style grips that were on the market. 

As religious gym-goers and CrossFit competitors, we saw an opportunity to create something that would serve our needs as much as everyone else's. So we thought about what it is exactly that we want from our leather grips and went right ahead and made them. Fast forward to today, we are now available on major online sporting stores within Australia, The United States and Europe and recently jumping onto Amazon US. You can also find our grips at some of your local gyms and stores. 


Don't just make your hands comfortable. Shop our current, seasonal trends.