What's Your Style Of RooGrips

Stuck on what type of RooGrips to buy?

Here is a quick breakdown of our 3 style of grips and which might be best suited to you.

But first here is a little graph to help explain the measurements between the small, medium and large.


We recommend the following measurements from top of wrist to bottom of your middle finger.

  • Less than 10cm - Small
  • 10-12cm - Medium
  • More than 12cm - Large



The original mocha grips are our first grip we ever created. This grip is what started it all. Because we train in gyms with powder-coated rigs, the Mocha grips were designed to be best suited to them (but not limited).

We found that slightly wetting the grips and then chalking them up helps with wearing them in faster. (If you’re a gymnast you’ll know that spitting helps, but if that freaks you out, just stick to some good old fashion water.)




We created these after we were shown different style of leather presses and textures. After exploring the different style, we fell in love with the NFL grain to assist with extra grip, especially in damp locations.

These grips are particularly great for polished or steal rigs to help improve your grip.

We found that these wear in faster and only need a decent amount of chalk to begin with to help wear in.



We don’t really like saying that we have a favourite in the family.. but if we did these might just be it. Carefully designed by us, these grips are the perfect grip for those that just LOVE overall hand protection but hate the bulky leather of other 3-finger grips. Still maintaining the original texture and slim fit of the kangaroo leather, the 3-finger grips have just been dyed black (to look cooler) and provide a full coverage of the hand to help with higher-volume training days. These grips are best suited to a polished or steal rig, but are fantastic on powder-coated rigs with a little push from the water/chalk technique mentioned above.


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