Up For The Challenge?

The team at Kirrawee did a little challenge, wearing our grips! 

15/12 cals on SkiErg straight into max pull ups all within a 1 min time cap.

Butterfly or gymnastics kipping allowed.

Your challenge: complete the workout, Film it, post it and tag us to review it! You could win yourself a RooGrips pack! (Grips, storage bag and apparel)

Some rules:

1. Record or post the video from the start of the clock ( as insta only allows 1 min max video to be posted).. We don't really care about the 10 second count down.

2. Make sure the clock and yourself are in full view

3. You do not need to be wearing RooGrips in the video, but if you have a pair they'll definitely help ;) 

Tag RooGrips on facebook or @roogrips on instagram. Have fun!  

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