How To Clean Your Grips

One of the most frequently asked question we get here at RooGrips HQ is “How do I clean my grips?” so it only seemed fitting that we kick off our new blog with a guide on how to take care of kangaroo leather.

Kangaroo leather is a very unique form of leather.  It is, weight for weight, the strongest and lightest leather readily available. This is because of the low angle of weave, low-fat content and a very thin grain layer of Kangaroo leather that makes it so much stronger and more durable than most. 

One of our favourite attributes of kangaroo leather is its resilience.

Generally used and trusted for the production of high-quality sports shoes and motorbike gear, kangaroo leather withstands most weather conditions, treatment and high volumes of exposure to moisture.

Now, let's discuss how easy it is to clean and maintain the quality of your grips. 


Yes - You can absolutely machine wash Kangaroo leather.

 Thanks to its awesome features listed above, Kangaroo leather does not weaken or change shape when washed correctly. So long as you follow the instructions below carefully:


Place them into the washing machine and turn the machine on to a low water, cold/warm machine wash on a low-medium spin cycle. The less spin power the better.
*DO NOT use any detergents or soaps that would ‘soften’ the leather. This will make them extra stretchy. Feel free to add a drop of eucalyptus oil for a fresher smell.

Place them on a drying rack or flat surface and let them dry completely. Keep them away from any direct exposure to sunlight.

Once completely dry (this may take a full day) you can go back to the gym and be the envy of the box with your fresh RG’s.


If all of the above seems like a WOD in itself – simply use a wet cloth to wipe your grips down after each session. This is will keep them clean, protect them from extreme chalk use and also keep the wrist wraps fresh.

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