Pulled Pork Tacos

My all-time favourite cuisine is Mexican. You can never go wrong and, when made at home, is super fresh and tasty. 

Give this simple Slow-cooked pork shoulder a go and make a variety of meals with the leftovers. Including pulled pork tacos!


2kg Pork shoulder- boneless, with fat

4 garlic cloves- sliced

1 brown onion- sliced

1 tbsp paprika

1 tbsp cumin 

1 tsp chilli powder 

1 tsp cajun seasoning 

salt and pepper 



Lay the onion slices on the base of the slow cooker. Combine all spices in a bowl and the rub all over the pork shoulder. On the fat side, pierce the pork in multiple places and fill with garlic slices. Leave on low for 8 hours. 

Remove fat layer and, using a fork, pull meat apart to combine with onion and juices. 



Pack of your favourite corn tortillas (follow packaging instructions)

1/4 red cabbage

1/4 green cabbage

2 tbsp mayonaise 

1/2 lemon juice 

handful of finely chopped parsley 


Slice up the cabbage into long, thin slices. Mix together Mayo, lemon juice and parsley in a bowl and combine with desired amount of cabbage. You can even serve these two separately. Prep your tortillas and serve with cabbage, sauce and pulled pork. Top with some sliced shallots (otherwise known as green onions) or extra parsley.

*Store the remaining pulled pork and enjoy with salads or tomorrow nights dinner. **Feel free to sub out the corn tortillas for lettuce cups.


Buen provecho! 

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