A Guide to CrossFit Grips and the different types of Roogrips

Are you looking for the perfect CrossFit grips to improve your training and prevent hand injuries? Look no further! In this guide, we'll explore the main types of CrossFit grips & Roogrips available and provide recommendations for which ones you should buy based on your preferences and needs.

What is a Hand Grip?

There are two main reasons to buy hand grips:

1. Better Grip and

2. Proactive Injury protection.

Hand protection grips are essential in helping you protect your hands from the pain of injuries, blisters, calluses and sweaty, slippery hands during your workouts, allowing you to improve your reps, increase your endurance and you will never have to miss a workout again. 

Roogrips are the Swiss Army knives of CrossFit grips – perfect for weightlifting and gymnastics, but specifically designed to endure all the hand-torturing exercises CrossFit throws at you, like muscle-ups, kipping pull-ups and toes-to-bar.

Roogrips not only protect your hands but provide a better grip too, facilitating smoother and more controlled movements.

The question is, which grips to choose?

We break down the differences between fingerless (no hole) hand grips and non-fingerless (2 hole and 3 hole) grips, making it easier for you to choose the best option for your needs.


Fingerless - The fingerless grip offers full coverage as it covers all of your palm and fingers too.

2 Finger - Have a smaller palm piece, covering only the middle inside part of your hand, making them perfect all-rounders and suitable for those with smaller hands.

3 Finger – Cover your entire palm and provide stability and finger attachment, preventing them from flipping back during exercises.



Fingerless - The main benefit of the fingerless grips is the ease of transitions from a skill where you need the grips, such as muscle ups, to one where you prefer to go barehanded, such as double-unders or a handstand walk like our Insta video below. The fingerless grips will save a little time by not having to take the grips off your fingers. Our Grips also offer an elastic band feature so you can quickly tuck the grip away when you don’t want to use it.



2 Finger & 3 Finger - For those who can't decide, some athletes buy these grips and choose not to use the holes for speedy transitions. It's like having your cake and eating it too – or, in this case, having your grips and not using the holes.

This also allows them to be able to use the holes and create the dowel effect (featured in our video link below).

The benefit of Roogrips is that they are incredibly slim and super comfortable, making other grips feel bulky in comparison. Despite their slender profile, they are ten times stronger than bovine leather, enabling you to Hulk out on the bar without any worries.


Wrist wraps are not technically grips, but they're essential sidekicks for CrossFit athletes, providing wrist support during heavy lifting and preventing injuries. Our cotton wraps are ideal for athletes who prefer a soft, comfortable feel, while also providing excellent support and durability.  


IN SUMMARY, It will come down to your personal preference depending on the type of exercises you perform and how frequently you use them. If you are doing heavy weightlifting or you have softer hands then the finger hole grips would be best for you. Or if gymnastic moves are your forte, fingerless grips are the way to go, providing you with the flexibility you need.





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