How To Take Care Of Your Hands

Last month we shared the super simple steps to cleaning your kangaroo leather grips

This month we want to share with you some more simple steps to hand care and maintenance. 

Our grips have been created for you to use to help protect your hands in the gym during training sessions that require a lot of grip strength and gymnastics. But to help further your experience at the gym, hand care at home is just a crucial as any other mobility drills and skills your coach gives you for.. 'homework'. 

To help your hands stay rip-free, fresh and pain-free, we want to share our favourite routine with you. 

STEP 1- Wait until the night before your rest day to shave your calluses.

We love to use corn blades to get the thicker calluses under our fingers and a Scholl wet & dry battery powered filer to help smooth out the surfaces. Doing this before a rest day will give your hands a chance to heal because shaving can make them raw and sensitive. 


STEP 2- Use heavy duty hand cream after shaving. Buy a good-quality hand cream and cover your hands just before bed to help your hands recover. (Our pick is Burt's Bees Shea Butter Hand Repair Cream)

Another useful tip is to wear cotton gloves to bed to avoid smudging on your bed sheets. 


STEP 3- If you have a tear, we recommend using Papaw sticks or gel to help repair it as quick as possible.

But here is the secret trick. 

Place a big mound of the papaw gel on top (don't rub in) and place a bandaid on top. Your rip will be on the road to recovery quicker than you can imagine! 


STEP 4- to give you added help and protection, use goats tape or strapping tape to help protect any fingers, thumbs or exposed skin. 


Maintain this on a weekly basis and even try to moisturise your hands 2-3 times a week to help keep their elasticity. Chalk & constant hand washing can dry out skin very quickly, causing the skin to become rigid. 

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